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Niseko Yoga Fest



about Niseko Yoga Fest

Follow the trail, find your flow...

Surrounded by mount Yotei and Annupuri mountain range,

Niseko is the ideal location to practice yoga.

We have started this Yoga Fest to let the locals know about the different types of Yoga that is taught in Niseko.  We also wanted to bring people together practicing yoga in various locations where they can appreciate the rich nature of this place.  

Now we are aiming to make this event bigger and easier to  access  for people from all over Hokkaido and Japan so that everyone can come to Niseko to enjoy this amazing location to practice Yoga! 

why you will love

Niseko Yoga Fest

Cool summers and beautiful nature

Picturesque scenery

Fresh local produce from land, sea and rivers

Cook your own food at comfortable condos to enhance your yoga experience

Mt Youtei with sunflowers
Niseko yoga fest 2018 at Setsu-in
People practicing yoga in Stsu-in
zen yoga studio
Aspect sunsetyoga in Niseko
Yoga at Aspect Niseko

Niseko Yoga Fest 2019



Shanti-Shanti Representative.
Everything started to change when she ran into Yoga during the busy days of working hard, becoming much more aware of the messages from her body and mind.

Now with appreciation for the teachers and many wonderful people she met through Yoga, she puts her effort in supporting everyone to release the body and mind.

7/26 13:30-15:00

Taka is the director of the studio Yoga Shala in Sapporo. He has explored spiritualism from an early age and learned Qigong and healing. He was introduced to yoga by Daniel Aaron’s Vibrant Living Yoga in Bali. After various styles of TT courses, Taka met Sri Dharma Mittra in 2008, who led him to Awakening The Yoga TT and became his mentor. Nowadays Taka is studying under Noboru Tsukamoto continuing to evolve and improve his yoga and meditation practice daily.

7/26 15:15-16:45

Midori's first encounter with yoga was at a bookstore in 2004. She continued to be strongly attracted to yoga as a way of living in harmony with her body and mind, and from 2012 she decided to pursue the path as a yoga instructor. She works as a regular yoga lesson teacher, philosophy course and yoga interpreter in Sapporo, as well as planning and management of yoga workshops, and retreats (2019 autumn in Niseko). Another creative side of Midori is as an illustrator.

7/27 17:00-18:30
7/28 8:50-10:00

Miku is a very active E-RYT 200 yoga instructor who integrate yoga with various other genres like beauty, art, music, culture, and food to expand the possibilities of yoga based in Sapporo.  Supported by a wide audience regardless of age and gender, she had a success to hold “100-Person Yoga” in 2018 for her 5th yoga instructor anniversary. Currently, she operates 2 yoga studios (Enzyme Yoga Studio Sapporo, ZEN Yoga Studio Niseko). 

7/27 19:00-20:00
Niseko ZEN Yoga

Niseko ZEN Yoga instructor. He leads people to Yoga life through Yoga Life Design, using his knowledge on music and designing as former musician and organizes retreats and events at Niseko ZEN Yoga.
His voice, soothing and very deep, will lead you to the inner-self at the end of the class with the deep savasana. He is the one to do the last class of the Niseko Yoga Fest 2019, don't miss it, go deep.

7/28 17:00-18:00

Engaged in outdoor work for 11 years, Takuya spends most of the day for outside activities.
He met yoga only recently in 2016, but half a year later completed RYT 200 in Bali, and  devoted himself to the yoga quest from then onwards. He began to teach yoga as instructor in 2018, impressing everyone with the beauty of his pose created by his high physical ability.
He leads a yoga life feeling the connection with the abundant nature in Niseko.

7/26 19:00-20:30
7/27 7:30-8:30

Jac first stumbled into a yoga class during one of her travels in 2004, and instantly fell in love with the practice. Jac did her Teacher Training with Denise Payne in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, and attended clinics by Baron Baptiste (Power Yoga) and Nancy Gilgoff (Ashtanga). Jac is interested in the energetic and healing qualities of yoga. Jac currently teaches Hatha, Power and Yin yoga in Niseko where she is based.

7/27 13:00-14:00
7/27 14:30-16:00

Marika's passion for yoga started with the encounter with Ashtanga yoga in London after seriously injuring her back at young age. She started practicing regularly and continued her studies in Mysore, India where she also trained as an instructor. For the past ten years she has established herself in Niseko where she actively works & teaches in the hope of fostering Ashtanga Yoga community. She looks forward to sharing her discipline and helping the growth of the local yoga community.

7/26 18:00-19:00
7/27 9:30-10:30

Lina has always danced since childhood. At 19 she started to travel around and dived into outdoor culture, and met Yoga.

She learned the maintenance and recovery ability of Yoga, and realizing how important it is to keep the axle for dance and sports, she emerges herself in Yoga and obtained RT200.

Since 2016 she works actively to spread the beauty of Yoga in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

7/28 7:30-8:30
7/28 15:30-16:30



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Yukina met yoga in Australia during her study abroad. The experience of doing yoga in the great nature of Australia has given a lot of stimulation to her senses, and with her background as a nursery teacher and love for children, it led to her opening lessons for Baby & Mama Yoga, where parents and kids can enjoy doing yoga together. She plan to go to India to deepen her yoga study this year.

7/28 10:00-11:00



Special offer from Niseko Kids Club

FREE child care service


at NKC or some

classes will have onsite care service!!

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