s p e c i a l    e v e n t s

スペシャル イベント

all-star @ siesta



7月28日 12:00~13:30​





All-Star event up in SIESTA 

Take the summer gondola, we'll have this special event there up on the Mt Annupuri.
Instructors take turn to lead this entertaining event in this amazing location so original of Niseko.

28 July 12:00~13:30

​Special price 1500 yen including the Summer Gondola ticket!

​In case of rain we have Hirafu 188 event space for a back up.

Because of its venue up in the mountain, please book before early morning of the day, but if you want to join in at last minutes, please shoot us a message through FB messenger! Click the f button next to BOOK button!

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sup yoga



We are not going to have Sup Yoga Class this year.

Apologies for those who were looking forward to it!